Built in 1911, Vinh Hung Ancient Tower (alternatively known as Luc Hien or Bhad Dhat Tower) is considered one of the historical heritage in the South area.If you go right at dawn or sunset is beautiful irresistible, the bridge side has a point for you to drop in and take a few memories, keep the memorable moments.But no, the west is very famous because of a kind of sweet cake made from jaggery, which is the cake of thot note. Anyone who has ever tasted it will find attachment to walking without wanting to leave.Not only famous for delicious food but also Soc Trang tourist destinations are very attractive to tourists to explore. The natural scenery full of mangrove forests featuring a plethora of birds, wild animals, and fish gives Ca Mau a very distinctive beauty of a newly discovered land: mysterious and fresh at the same time. Lo Ren star apple in Vinh Kim commune, Chau Thanh district, Tien Giang has become an "exclusive brand" of Tien Giang province.This region later became a part of the Chan La Kingdom (in Vietnamese: Chân Lạp) and the Khmer Empire, which included Cambodia, eastern Thailand, and southern Vietnam. Moreover, the lighthouse tower was one of the earliest construction sites in Vietnamese territorial waters.
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